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Joshua Initiative

has developed a unique and detailed strategy to impact and change the result of the liberal agenda within communities.

Political and Cultural change do not start at the ballot box. The current culture and political situations are the result of a lack of faithfulness. Bad Politics and Culture are only symptoms of a lack of faithfulness. The vote, or lack thereof, for the Christian is evidence of his faithfulness before a Holy God, that he is a faithful steward of the gift given, the land in which we live.


"Prayer and seeking God's face must be the initial focus....
................follow 2 Chronicles 7:14"

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"Apply "Strategic Prayer" over issues of crime, government oversight                                            and community needs!                                               Strategic Prayer is SPECIFIC!"

1. You must first identify, and truly understand the problem - specifically.  In all      cases you will find self-interest and greed at the root. These are the result of   evil influence. Irresponsible elected officials are only a symptom of a sick society, leaning toward communism.
Until we understand that this is a spiritual battle, we will not succeed.

2. Analyze the weaknesses in each elected office and office holder. Godly values were not simply swept aside.  They were slowly eroded beginning with low hanging fruit, school boards.

Election to school boards typically requires far less money and fewer votes.

Yet the position holds developmental influence over generations of young people.

3. The process employed by Joshua Initiative, although data and communication    intensive, focuses first on prayer and scriptural basis for the Christian to engage in Public Issues and Government.

4. Education and activating the "faith" community is a must.  Pastors must stand      as they once did.  To accommodate unrighteousness with the excuse of "I              don't want to upset the "spirit of unity," is unrighteous leadership, and brings        no honor to Jesus. There is NO unrighteousness in Righteousness....          "think about it."


 Email: or Call 210-865-5777

We are a friendly organization, but serious about raising up the Church!

Data is Important

Our database, among other categories, contains churches, schools, first responders, neighborhood associations, professional and other organizations, community activists and volunteers plus registered voters. Each is identified at their specific geo-location within Joshua's county organizational structure.  This allows us to quickly identify resources and respond to a need.  Joshua's database for Bexar County Texas alone contains nearly 1500 churches, 40,000 activists and over one million registered voters.

We have been involved in and influenced the election of and removal of elected officials. Relationships are a key component of change.

Some elected officials in Congress would love to see the Bible banned, singing in church censored and Christians defined as a "hate or terrorist" group.

George Washington, at his election as the first president of the United States, dedicated this nation to God.  Unless Christians stand and be counted we will suffer the church to go underground.

San Antonio is the heart of Texas and Texas is the heart of our Nation.  Your community is your territory to stand and defend.  As Jesus gave His life for us, examine your conscience, pray, then do what God asks of you.

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